GDGD is excited to launch a new website for Joseph Garry Psychotherapist which recently won a 2017 American Web Design Award from GDUSA Magazine. Joseph is a Psychotherapist based out of New York City who was looking for a site that showcased his services and experience. Joseph wanted a site that he can send clients (potential, old and new) to get information about his practice and services. With over 20 years experience helping patients get their lives back on track, Joseph is an amazing life coach and licensed clinical social worker. The creative concept behind Joseph’s website is built around the idea of a butterfly. It emerges and flies out of its cocoon once it is ready to find the right path in life. Soft, blue colors were chosen for the color palette to emphasize and deliver a calm and safe environment. Joseph is a skilled and experienced social worker and psychotherapist who specializes in getting people’s life back on track so they can spread their wings just like a butterfly. The site was built to be responsive on all platforms: desktop, mobile and tablets. Check out the site below or click here